2020 Häagen-Dazs Advert – Don’t Hold Back

This new 2020 Häagen-Dazs TV advert promotes the ‘Fruit Obsessions’ and ‘Fruit Collection’ varieties of their ice cream and says “Don’t hold back”.

The commercial even offers an innovative way of sharing a tub of the brand’s ice cream without even removing the lid. Unfortunately, the method probably shouldn’t be tried at home.

Song Title: Galvanize (Re-Work Cover).
Artist: Cape Town Youth and Ukhonukamva Worship Choir.
Download The Chemical Brothers Version From: Amazon UK.

The Häagen-Dazs advert song featured in this 2020 ‘Don’t Hold Back’ commercial is a cover of British electronic music group The Chemical Brothers 2005 hit single ‘Galvanize’.

This re-work cover was recorded using the vocals of the Cape Town Youth & Ukhonukamva Worship Choir.


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