H.Samuel Christmas Advert Song – Helps You Say It Better

H.Samuel Advert Music, Christmas 2015 – Singer and song details for the jewellers ‘Helps You Say It Better’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: Forever.

Artist/Singer: Woody Mills – Mcasso Music.

The song featured in H.Samuel’s new Christmas ad is called ‘Forever’ and is performed by Woody Mills.

This piece of music was composed especially for the commercial by the London-based production company Mcasso Music. 2015 represents the fourth consecutive year that Mcasso have worked with H.Samuel on their festive TV ad campaign.

Having been created especially for the advert, it’s unfortunately unlikely that a full length version of Forever will be released for download.

The lyrics you hear sung in the extended 90-second advert are: ‘My one wish, is you here. Life would be sweat. So come home, to me and make us complete. ‘Cause we need each other now. Always and forever. Yeah we need each other now. Always and forever, oh oh oh. . .

Along with the regular 30-second version, the above video was uploaded to H.Samuel The Jeweller’s official YouTube channel on the 6th of November, 2015.

The ad from Bright Spark shows a guy called Ben surprising his veterinary nurse partner with a proposal and a diamond ring from the H.Samuel Forever collection.

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