Google Pixel – ‘Pose By You’ Poodle Commercial

Google Pixel Advert Song – Music and singer info for the latest ‘Pose by you, Phone by Google’ internet and TV commercial, this time starring a poodle.

Song Title: Walk On The Wild Side.

Musician/Singer: Lou Reed.

Download Via: Amazon UK, and iTunes.

Following on from their earlier ‘Life by you’ commercial, Google have since released this new ‘Pose by you’ ad to promote their new Pixel phone.

In a simpler video to the first, this advert just shows the one scene of a poodle dog stood with its front paws on a stack of pallets, while a fire burns under a bridge in the background.

The chilled-out soundtrack to this commercial is Lou Reed’s 1972 hit ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. The song originally featured on the American musicians second solo album ‘Transformer’ and, as a single, reached number 10 on the UK chart and number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Walk on the Wild Side was in fact arguably released with an even better B-side though – The excellent ‘Perfect Day’ which Lou Reed then re-recorded back in 2003.

The above 30-second #Pixel ‘Pose by you, Phone by Google’ was uploaded to the tech companies official YouTube page on the 14th of October, 2016 and their UK channel around a week later.

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