Google Pixel Advert – ‘Reviews’ TV Commercial

Google Pixel Advert Song 2017 – Music and singers details to Google’s ‘Reviews’ YouTube and TV commercial for their Pixel smartphone.

Song Title: Let’s Run Away.

Singers/Band: Matt and Kim.

Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

As one of Google’s many TV ads for their new Pixel phone, this particular ‘Reviews’ commercial focuses on what the press and various tech websites have to say about the device.

According to Wired, Pixel is “The best phone on the planet, period”, USA Today says it has “A high IQ and a world of potential”, DxOMark Mobile believes it features “The highest-rated smartphone camera”, while Thrillist thinks Pixel is “Sexy-as-hell” and Forbes say it “Rips up the rulebook”.

With there having been so many adverts for the Google Pixel since its launch and each ad featuring a different soundtrack, it can be tricky sometimes to keep up.

But providing the music this time around are the American indie electronic duo Matt and Kim, with their 2016 song ‘Let’s Run Away’.

Released for download last April, Let’s Run Away is taken from the bands four-track EP ‘We Were The Weirdos’.

You can check out Matt and Kim’s official music video for Let’s Run Away right here:

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