Goodfella’s Pizza Advert – The Godmother – Song by The Arcs

This new TV ad for Goodfella’s Pizza introduces us to The Godmother: The lady who ensures the brand’s pizzas are made with the respect they deserve.

This commercial shows The Godmother actress inspecting pizza producing in what looks like New York City, all the way from kneading the dough, up to serving the finished product. Slightly dispelling the adverts American movie-style storyline though, the video also features the small print ‘Made in Ireland’.

Song Title: Fools Gold.
Artist: The Arcs.
Download From: Amazon UK or iTunes.

This 2019 to 2020 Goodfella’s advert song, which features the lyrics “I know you make your dough, but all the kids in the neighbourhood know”, is titled ‘Fools Gold’. The single was recorded by American garage rock band The Arcs and was released for download in 2015.

1 March 2019

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