GODIVA Masterpieces Chocolate Advert – Song by JADA.X

This current TV commercial for GODIVA Masterpieces tells us that “Chocolate Never Felt So Good”, as the colourful and explosive ad showcases the luxury Belgian chocolate brands Hazelnut Oyster, Caramel Lion and Ganache Heart shapes and flavours.

Song Title: Love Taking Over.
Artist/Singer: JADA.X [feat. NATG].
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

The 2019 GODIVA Masterpieces advert song is a tune called ‘Love Taking Over’ which seems to have originally been produced for the commercial by Tin Drum Music, but has since been released for download as a full-length single. Featuring the lyrics “This love’s taking over. Every breath feeling closer”, the song was recorded by JADA.X, featuring NATG.

19 April 2019

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