2021 Go Turkey Advert – FULL Song & Singer Info – Turkish Airlines

Here’s a look at the new 2021 Turkish Airlines Go Turkey UK TV advert that encourages viewers to ‘Choose Your Memories’, plus we have all the ad song and singer info.

As we watch a guy cliff-diving while on holiday, we’re shown the message ‘Fly above or dive under’. From there the slogans continue ‘Road trip, sightseeing, action or serenity. Choose your memories’.

The commercial concludes with a view of a setting sun and the tagline ‘Only in Türkiye’.

Although the above commercial video features the Turkish Airlines logo in the bottom left corner, we think we’ve also seen a version airing on TV that features Jet2 Holidays, who’re most famous for this ‘Hold My Hand’ advert.

As covid restrictions begin to be eased, expect to see much more of this ad on TV in the coming months. Although since a UK government advisor stated that holidays abroad this summer are “extremely unlikely”, there’s always a chance that any travel agent or airline’s ad campaign could be put on hold at any time.

What’s the music in this Visit Turkey advert?

Song Title: Fly Above.
Producer/Vocalist: Mahmut Orhan & Sena Sener.
Album: N/A.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The music playing in this 2021 Turkish Airlines Go Turkey advert is a song titled ‘Fly Above’ that’s just been released for streaming and download as a full-length single. You can also listen to the full song in this YouTube video:

The first time I heard this track I thought the vocals sounded a little like Sia, but not quite identical. Now since the commercial’s original release, it’s been revealed that the Go Turkey advert song is being performed by a 22-year-old Turkish musician and singer named Sena Sener.

Complete with those Middle Eastern vibes, Fly Above was produced by another Turkish artist: 28-year-old DJ and music producer Mahmut Orhan.

19 March 2021

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