GO Outdoors – ‘Go There’

Song details for the retailers Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Go There’ TV ad.

Original Song Title: Go West.

Original Artists: Village People.

Download the original Village People version from: Amazon and iTunes.

GO Outdoors new Summer 2016 advert uses a reworded version of the Village People’s 1979 disco hit ‘Go West’, with the ads cast this time singing ‘Go There’.

Many viewers may however remember the song more from the Pet Shop Boys 1993 cover, which reached number 2 in the UK singles chart.

Performed to Go West’s tune and melody, the commercials full lyrics go: ‘Go there, for a fleece like this. Go there, prices you can’t miss. Go there, if you like to hike. Go there, if you fish for pike. Go there, coz this chair’s on sale. Go there, walk your dog on the Dales. Go there, burn off that lard. Go there, get a discount card. Go there.’ Proper genius there, especially using lard to rhyme with discount card.

The video was posted to the GO Outdoors YouTube channel on the 14th of April, 2016 and is now airing regularly on TV.

According to GO Outdoors, the advert was filmed in Snowdonia, North Wales and delivers a light-hearted look at Britain’s passion for the great outdoors. The video stars a combination of actors and staff from the retailer’s stores and head office.

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