Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks Advert Song – Snack Smart

Go Ahead Advert Music 2016 – Song and artist info for Yogurt Breaks new ‘Snack Smart’ TV ad.

Song Title: Get Ugly.

Artist/Singer: Jason Derulo.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

This latest advert for Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks biscuit bars shows a female office worker performing some questionable dance moves to a song called ‘Get Ugly’.

Released back in May, 2015, the track is by the American singer Jason Derulo and comes from the R&B artists fourth studio album ‘Everything Is 4’.

Get Ugly samples a song by Heavy D & The Boyz titled ‘We Got Our Own Thang’ and reached number 12 on the UK singles chart.

Either the actress in this Go Ahead commercial has had her moves seriously edited, or she’s possibly the greatest dancer ever.

When the time reached snack o’clock, or 11am as it’s better known, Sarah apparently chose the smart snack by grabbing a Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks bar. At just 73 calories a slice, she’ll have probably burned off more energy than she consumed by time she gets back to work.

This 30-second commercial is currently airing during TV ad breaks and was posted to the United Biscuits YouTube channel on the 3rd of May, 2016.

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