giffgaff – ‘Small vs. Big’ Poem

Watch the new 2018 giffgaff TV advert, plus get the words to the complete poem and the background music details.

Not another Nationwide commercial as I initially thought, this latest TV ad for mobile phone network giffgaff features a young woman reciting a poem, while leaning back against a parked car.

Background music: ‘Hong Kong Garden’ by Siouxsie And The Banshees.
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Titled ‘Small v Big’, the poem being read out was written especially for this commercial and talks about how being smaller can often give you an advantage and make you more adaptable than the big guys. Here is the works full lyrics:

Small vs. Big…
Big’s a big wig in a big leather chair in a big gig.
Small sits on a stool. Small’s nobody’s fool.
Big trips over small
Big’s an opinion
Small is a hunch
Big’s at a corporate lunch. Small has a sandwich
Small saves.Small raves
After Big’s fleeting greeting he’s soon back in a board meeting
Small holds your hand
Small’s your biggest fan
Small’s in the band
Big talks big talk
Someone can take a walk
Small whispers
Small listens
Says thank you
Says please
While bigs bigging it up like the big cheese
Small’s light on its feet
Small knows the street
Small’s where it’s at
Small’s got your back
Big’s all small print
All routine
Big’s all wafer and no ice cream
Small stands by
Small waves hi
Big says stop
You cannot go
The computer says no
Small smiles
Says hey, come round and play
Stay, because you want to stay

The actress recites this piece of poetry while post-punk music plays quietly in the background, but gradually getting louder as the advert progresses.

The song is called ‘Hong Kong Garden’ and was released in 1978 by English rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. You can watch the official VEVO music video here:

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