Game of War Mariah Carey ‘Hero’ Advert

Game of War ‘Hero’ TV Advert – September, 2015: GoW Fire Age commercial starring Mariah Carey.

Song Title: Hero.

Artist/Singer: Mariah Carey.

Download The Track From: iTunes or Amazon.

OK, so there’s no mystery surrounding the music featured in this latest ad for Game of War: Fire Age. Since being released back in 1993, ‘Hero’ has appeared in countless ads, TV shows and movies, and has become something of a cliché track in the world of vocal talent shows such as X Factor and The Voice.

The song was even covered as a charity single by the 2008 X Factor UK finalists.

Thankfully not taking itself or the song too seriously, this Game of Thrones inspired advert sees a couple of medieval soldiers use their smartphone to request help, more help and WTF.

When all other assistance has failed, Mariah Carey finally shows up to save the day and lead her army into battle, telling the pair ‘It’s time to be hero’s guys’.

If all that heroism’s got you in the mood for some MMO action strategy gameplay, you can download Game of War – Fire Age for free from the iTunes App Store or Amazon.

The advert was uploaded to GoW: Fire Age’s official YouTube channel on the 14th of September, 2015.

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