Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Advert – Dancer & Music Info – Drip

Featuring a song called ‘Drip’ that we have all the details on below, Samsung have just released a couple of short new adverts for the Galaxy S21 Ultra phone.

Both commercials star TikTok dancer Tre Clements, who boasts more than 31 million followers on the video-sharing social media platform, one showcasing the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera zoom and the other promoting the phone’s intelligent battery.

What’s the music in this Galaxy S21 Ultra advert?

Song Title: Drip.
Producers/Rapper: Dillon Francis & Boombox Cartel feat. Desiigner.
Album: N/A.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The music playing in each of these Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra adverts is a song called ‘Drip’ that was released in 2019 by the American music producers and DJ’s Dillon Francis and the Boombox Cartel, featuring US singer-songwriter and rapper Desiigner.

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