Fridge Raiders – Get A Taste For Power

Meat-based snack brand Fridge Raiders tell viewers how their chicken bites are packed with protein, in this new 2018 ‘Get A Taste For Power’ TV advert.

The ad shows West End musical theatre actress and singer Alexia Khadime getting the taste to power dress in a pink suit, with power shoulder pads and power hair. Alexia then begins playing one of those keytar keyboard-guitar instruments, before partaking in some power walking and power boating.

Fridge Raiders Advert Music 2018
Song Title: Girl You Know It’s True.
Singers: Milli Vanilli.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

The music playing in the background of this ad is the 1988 song ‘Girl You Know It’s True’. This was the title track from the debut album of German R&B duo Milli Vanilli.

This ‘Powered By Protein – Get A Taste For Power’ advert was posted to the Fridge Raiders YouTube channel on 23 July, 2018.

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