Freemans Spring, Summer – I Was Thinking About the Last Time

Freemans have just released their new Spring and Summer TV advert. Watch the video, plus get all the song and artist details right here:

Song: Can’t Stand the Rain.
Artists/Singer: Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Dave James & Roo Savill.
Download or stream in full via: iTunes & Apple Music.

Yes, this latest ‘The Best Things In Life Are Freemans’ commercial may feature a new model, showcasing the latest fashion and household items, but the online retailer has indeed stuck with the same catchy theme music as previous years.

Featuring the lyrics “I was thinking about the last time, that I saw you with your head in the clouds. Stepping over rainbows, playing pinball with the stars”, the song used again is ‘Can’t Stand the Rain’, by Dave James, Adam Skinner, Dan Skinner, and Roo Savill.

The above Spring-Summer version of the ad was posted to’s YouTube channel on the 6th of April, 2018.

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