Ford – Unlearn

Video, band and song details for the new Ford ‘Unlearn – Go Further’ TV and YouTube commercial. #Unlearn

Song Title: Default.
Artist/Band: Django Django.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Urging viewers to ‘let go of what you know’, Ford’s new Unlearn advert features a song called ‘Default’ by the British indie rock band Django Django. Although you don’t hear them in the ad, the full track does include vocals.

Taken from the London-based groups self-titled debut album, Default was released as a single in January, 2012. The album itself reached number 33 in the UK charts and picked up a Mercury Prize nomination.

The times they are a-changin. This ad from Ford takes an interesting look at the modern world by showing us scenes which may appear futuristic, but are in fact much closer than you think. Whereas it’s traditionally been postmen or postwomen who’ve been targeted by overprotective dogs, it seems delivery drones won’t receive any special treatment. Good luck getting to your drone delivered pizza before your four-legged friends.

We next see Fauja Singh, who’s believed to be the worlds oldest marathon runner, having completed the 2011 Toronto marathon at the incredible age of 100.
Towards the end of the video I started to wonder if I was actually watching a British advert, or a US one by mistake. This is the first UK Ford ad I can remember that promotes American cars such as that bright yellow Mustang convertible.

Sure enough though, this Unlearn commercial is targeted at British drivers, having been uploaded to Ford UK’s official YouTube channel on the 20th of January, 2016.

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