Ford S-Max – Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Singer and song information for the ‘Intelligent All-Wheel Drive’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Can You Do This.
Artist/Singer: Aloe Blacc.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

This latest ad for the Ford S-Max MPV features a song called ‘Can You Do This’, performed by the American soul and R&B vocalist Aloe Blacc. Best known for his global hit ‘I Need a Dollar’, the 36-year-old singer-songwriter released CYDT as a single in 2014. The track is taken from the album ‘Lift Your Spirit’.

The section of the song played in the advert includes the lyrics: ‘I I I I, don’t know who you are, but girl I wanna know if you can move like this. And I I I I, don’t know if you gonna tell me, but I wanna know what your name is. And you-oo, gonna make me fall in love with you, if you keep on shaking your hips. Now can you do this.’

The above Ford commercial shows a very energetic dog taking a cross-country run, while their owner drives her S-Max along some tight and twisty mountain roads. The pair then eventually meet up by a picturesque lake, where the ads four-legged star dives in for a quick paddle.

The advert was launched in October, 2015, promoting the All-New Ford S-Max and its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

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