Ford Kuga – Tennis

A father switches playing a tennis video game with his son for the real thing in this latest ‘Life is Out There, Are You? – Together We Go Further’ TV advert for the Ford Kuga, possibly because that gives him a better chance of winning.

Ford Kuga Advert Song 2018
Title: I Just Want To Celebrate (instrumental cover).
Original Artists: Rare Earth.
Download The Original From: iTunes & Amazon.

Although it may not be instantly apparent from listening to this advert, the song used is actually a Music Production House instrumental cover of ‘I Just Want To Celebrate’, which was originally released in 1971 by the American rock band Rare Earth.

Although this ‘Life is Out There, Are You?’ ad has been broadcasting on TV for a while now, Ford UK only posted the video to their YouTube channel on 22 August, 2018.

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