Ford Fiesta – Unlearn Opposites, Go Further

Music details for the Fiesta ‘Unlearn Opposites – Go Further’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: Switch.
Musician/Artists: Medina.

According to Ford UK’s YouTube channel, the name of the song featured in their new ‘Unlearn Opposites’ Fiesta advert is ‘Switch’ and it’s by Medina. As there are multiple acts going by the name Medina and Ford don’t specify which one, our best guess at this time would be the Swedish hip hop and rap duo who consist of members Sam-E and Alibi.

The track is, as you’ve probably guessed, not currently available to download and may have even been produced especially for the commercial. If we hear any more in the coming weeks, we’ll update this page with the relevant details and links.

This 30-second ‘Colour Edition’ video, which was posted to Ford UK’s YouTube page on the 16th of June, 2016, shows off the manufacturers latest Zetec Blue and bright Zetec White Fiesta editions.

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