Ford EcoSport – Perfectly Sized For Life

Video, song and singer details to the new ‘Perfectly Sized For Life’ TV ad, featuring a yellow Ford EcoSport SUV.

Song Title: Perm.
Artist/Singer: Bruno Mars.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Ford have just released this new advert to promote their EcoSport car and how they believe the SUV is ‘Perfectly Sized For Life’. The ad shows a guy driving around the city in his yellow Ford, observing such oversized items as a chandelier, water fountain, TV and another car, with its owner even unable to fit it in his garage.

You’d think he’d have at least taken some measurements before buying that vehicle or before moving house.

Anyway, the song playing in this commercial is called ‘Perm’, a track released for download in November, 2016 by the American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars.

The above 30-second EcoSport advert was posted to the official Ford UK YouTube channel on the 14th of June, 2017 and should now be airing during TV ad breaks.

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