Ford EcoSport Advert – Where do you keep your key? ‘Lollipop’ Commercial

Ford EcoSport Ad – 2015: ‘Where you keep your key is up to you’ TV commercial and song details.

What’s the song used in the current Ford EcoSport advert and who’s it sung by?

Song Title: Lollipop.

Group/Singers: The Chordettes.

Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The Song

You’ll have almost certainly heard this tune many times before and it’ll come as no surprise the song is called ‘Lollipop’. You may not have known though that it’s performed by female American singing quartet, The Chordettes. The track was released way back in 1958, when it reached number 2 in the US and number 6 in the UK singles charts.

Despite being a very well known song, Lollipop wasn’t the groups most successful, in terms of chart position. That honour goes to their 1954 debut single ‘Mister Sandman’, which climbed to the top of the American Billboard Hot 100.

The Advert

In this humorous ad from Ford, the big question in the minds of viewers and his fellow beachgoers, is where does that guy keep his key? Wearing nothing but his turquoise swimsuit, the possible answers to that question are very much limited.

Though appearing to require a little physical effort or adjustment, lets just say the vehicle was successfully unlocked hands-free.

Promoting the car manufactures keyless entry system, this clever advert originally aired on TV earlier this year and was re-uploaded to Ford UK’s YouTube channel on the 27th of August, 2015.

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