Food Love Stories Tesco Advert – Father’s Day – Song by Tom Odell

Here we take a look at supermarket chain Tesco’s newest Food Love Stories advert, which this time focuses on The Hobsons family’s Father’s Day macaroons. Made to continental fit through a letterbox.

The ad stars Dom and Amelia who’re busy making their special postable macaroons for Grandad Hobson, ready for them to be delivered in time for the big day while observing any necessary social distancing or shielding rules.

Song Title: Grow Old With Me.
Artist: Tom Odell.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The Tesco advert song playing in this current Food Love Stories ad is ‘Grow Old With Me’ by British singer-songwriter and musician Tom Odell.

Grow Old With Me features on Odell’s debut 2013 album ‘Long Way Down’ that also included the emotional ballad ‘Another Love’.

You’ll have likely heard Tom Odell’s vocals on a number of TV advert soundtracks in recent years, perhaps most notably back in 2016 when his cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic ‘True Colours’ was used in a Sony commercial for their BRAVIA 4K HDR televisions.

Updated: 12/6/2020

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