Flash Advert Song – Singing Dog ‘Cleans Up The Impossible’

Flash Advert Music 2016 – Video, new lyrics and original song details for Flash cleaners A-HA Dog ‘Cleans Up The Impossible’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Flash.

Original Artist/Band: Queen.

Download The Original Queen Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

P&G’s new advert for their range of Flash cleaning products shows a dog and their owner signing a reworded version of the Queen song ‘Flash’.

These new lyrics see the four-legged star signing (lip-syncing) the words ‘Where, the hell, has all the mud gone? I’m sure there was lots of mud, I shook off so much mud. It was here, now it’s gone, every bit, every drop, every inch. Where’s all the mud gone?’

We then flashback to earlier in the day to see the dogs owner using Flash multi-surface cleaner, while singing ‘Flash, a-ha, it works miracles. Flash, a-ha, cleans up the impossible. Either this is top quality doggie lip-syncing, or it’s the best CGI I’ve ever seen.

This 30-second commercial was added to the official P&G (Procter & Gamble) YouTube channel on the 28th of July, 2016 and is now airing on UK TV.

Queen’s original version of the song ‘Flash’ was written by the bands lead guitarist Brian May and was released as a single in November, 1980.

Not to be confused with DC Comics character ‘The Flash’, this track was used as the main theme tune to the 1980 British movie ‘Flash Gordon’.

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