Fitbit Versa – Fit For All

Fitbit Versa TV Advert – Video and lyrics details to the ‘Fit For All’ commercial for the Versa health and fitness smartwatch.

Fitbit’s new ad for their Versa device includes music and words written specifically for the campaign and tells viewers about many of the watches features and uses.

Here are the slogans being sung and appearing onscreen:

Start fit, heart fit, wet fit, get fit, slam fit, gram fit, yes I am fit, stay fit, pay fit, lasts 4 days fit, peak fit, sleek fit, better sleep fit, slide fit, fly fit, say goodbye fit, win the day fit, phone free play fit, namaste fit, fit for all fit.

The 30-second ‘Fit For All’ advert video was uploaded to the official Fitbit YouTube channel in April 2018 and is now airing on UK television.

The Fitbit Versa is a water resistant health and fitness smartwatch that’s compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The device features a heart rate monitor, battery life of up to 4 days and the ability to listen to music without your phone.

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