Fiat Tipo – That’s Amore For Less

Soundtrack and lyrics info for the New Fiat Tipo Hatchback ‘Amore For Less’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Original Song Title: That’s Amore.
Original Singer: Dean Martin.
Download The Dean Martin Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

Fiat’s TV ad for their new Tipo hatchback features a rerecorded and reworded version of the classic love song ‘That’s Amore’, which was originally released in 1953 by the American singer Dean Martin. We don’t currently know who the female vocalist we hear in the advert is, but if you’d like to listen to a woman singing the proper version of That’s Amore, I’d recommend the cover performed by Dean’s daughter Deana Martin.

As with her fathers original, Deana’s version can also be download from both Amazon and iTunes:

The lyrics to Fiat’s new take on the song go something like this: ‘When you drive Tipo’s wheels and they give you the feels, that’s amore. When the traffic is glum, turn the DAB on, that’s amore. Trips away (?), so they say, don’t delay, the boot’s stellar. So for those in the know, say hello to Tipo, that’s amore.’

This 30-second video was uploaded to the Italian car manufactures UK YouTube page on the 31st of August, 2016 and has just begun airing on TV.

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