Fiat Tipo – I Live Like A Millionaire

Artist and soundtrack details for the latest Fiat Tipo ‘I Live Like A Millionaire’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: I’m Not Rich.
Band/Vocalists: The King’s Son.
Available To Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

Having previously been shown in other countries early last year, this latest advert for the new Fiat Tipo has now begun airing here in Britain. The song we hear playing in this ad is called ‘I’m Not Rich’ and was recorded by Caribbean four-piece band The King’s Son.

Various incarnations of this track also see the group team up with the French hip hop vocalist Blacko, and in another all-English version with the Jamaican singer Shaggy.

The chorus section used in the advert is basically the same in each of the all-English versions, so it’s not obvious which one’s being used. But unless you’d prefer a mix of English and French vocals, we’d probably recommend either the original or the Shaggy version.

Here are the lyrics from the section of I’m Not Rich used in this 30-second advert:

‘I’m not rich, but I live like a millionaire.
You know I live like a millionaire.
You know I live like I ain’t got a care, in the world.
But I do. I care about me and you.
I care about me and you.
I care about right and wrong.
So I got to be strong.’

This ad is currently being broadcast during TV ad breaks and was uploaded to the official Fiat UK YouTube channel on the 13th of January, 2017.

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