Fiat Panda & 500 Hybrid Advert – I Love You So

Opening with a plastic toy duck being washed out to sea sometime during the 90’s, this 2020 TV advert from Fiat showcases the new hybrid versions of their Panda and 500 cars, which now contain seats made from upcycled marine plastics. You don’t see that on Money For Nothing.

With the longterm future of the internal combustion engine not looking good, at least here in Britain, Fiat joins other manufacturers like Toyota in continuing to develop and promote hybrid power for now, rather than focusing on full electric technology.

The commercial tells us that the hybrid engines powering these Fiat 500 & Panda cars reduce emissions by up to 30%.

Song Title: And I Love You So.
Original Artist: Don McLean.
Download At: Amazon UK.

The Fiat Panda & 500 Hybrid advert music is a cover version of the song ‘And I Love You So’, the original version of which was written and recorded back in 1970 by the American singer-songwriter and musician Don McLean.

The cover used in this Fiat TV ad was recorded by the Italian company Red Rose Music Production House. We’re not currently sure who’s providing the vocals to this version, but it sounds similar to a cover recorded by Perry Como.


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