FIAT 500X – ‘Flying So High, Blue Sky’

Artist details for the New Italian Crossover TV and YouTube ad.

Song Title: Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu).
Musicians/Singers/Rappers: Flavio Ibba, Benedetta Romano, David, Tony G and Snaps.

Fiat’s advert for their 500X crossover features a new version of an Italian song called ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’, also known as ‘Volare’. Written way back in 1958, the tracks name translates literally into English as ‘In the blue-painted blue’.

This unique cover of Volare was produced by Flavio Ibba and his company Red Rose, featuring vocals from singer Benedetta Romano and rappers David, Snaps and Tony G. This piece of music appears to have been created especially for the Fiat commercial and isn’t currently available for download.

Lyrics from the song that you hear performed in the ad are: ‘Oh yeah, we flying so high. All we see is blue sky.’

The beginning of the advert takes viewers quickly through the evolution of the Fiat 500, from the tiny rear-engined original, to this new beefed-up version of the current design.

Having first appeared in some other countries last month, the above 30-second ‘Italian Crossover’ video was uploaded to Fiat UK’s official YouTube channel on the 25th of November, 2015.

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