Fiat 500X – Gives SUV New Meaning ‘Freedom’

Singer and song info for Fiat’s new ‘Gives SUV New Meaning’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Freedom.
Artist/Singer: Pharrell Williams.
Downloadable From: iTunes and Amazon.

Fiat UK’s latest advert for their 500X SUV is set to the soundtrack of Pharrell Williams’ 2015 single ‘Freedom’. Having initially been released exclusively for streaming via Apple Music, the song has since been made available for digital download.

This of course isn’t the first time Fiat have looked to Pharrell for musical inspiration. The American singer/rapper/record producer/Voice USA coach had his massive worldwide hit ‘Happy’ appear in the 2014 ad for the Fiat 500 car. You can watch that one in the video below.

Back to Fiat’s 2016 effort, the Italian car manufacturer is giving new meaning to the abbreviation SUV which, as used more frequently in the United States, usually stands for sports utility vehicle. When referring to their new 500x compact crossover, Fiat suggest SUV could also represent Stylish Urban Vehicle, Shopping Unlimited Vehicle, Surprisingly Unorthodox Vehicle, Strong Uphill Vehicle, Starry Utopia Vehicle or even Steamed Up Vehicle. Clearly there aren’t too many suitable words beginning with the letter V.

Showcasing the Fiat 500X Cross Plus model in amore red, the above video was posted to Fiat UK’s YouTube page on the 1st of February, 2016. Fans of this car who fancy a little more power should keep a look out in the coming months for the 200bhp Abarth version.

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