Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar Advert – Music by Sting & Shaggy

Musical artists Sting and Shaggy return in another Fiat ad campaign here, with this latest TV advert promoting the Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar.

The ‘New Stars Are Born’ commercial video shows a woman and man driving separately to an observatory for some stargazing, while using their iPhone’s to connect to Fiat’s Apple CarPlay compatible stereos. During their journey, the pair drive past Sting and Shaggy who’re talking about going for a ride “somewhere new”.

Song Title: Just One Lifetime.
Artist: Sting & Shaggy.
Download From: iTunesAmazon UK.

Featuring the same soundtrack as this 120th Anniversary ad, this Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar music is ‘Just One Lifetime’ by British singer and musician Sting, and Jamaican singer Shaggy. The song is titled ‘Just One Lifetime’ and features on the pairs ’44/876′ album.

4 July 2019

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