Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar Advert – Song by Lizzo

A new advert for the Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar cars has just begun airing on TV, featuring the tagline ‘Don’t Put Me In A Box’.

We’re currently waiting for the official ad video to be posted online. Update: After this ‘Lose The Labels’ ad had been broadcasting on television for a couple of weeks, Fiat UK has now uploaded the above video to their official YouTube channel. End of update. Here we can give you all the advert music details:

Song Title: Juice.
Artist: Lizzo.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics “It ain’t my fault that I’m out here gettin’ loose. Gotta blame it on the Goose”, this latest Fiat 500 Star & Rockstar advert song is a tune called ‘Juice’ that was recorded by the American rapper and singer Lizzo. This music track was released for download earlier this year and is taken from the Detroit artist’s third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’.

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