Fiat 500 Riva – The Smallest Yacht In The World

Video, actor and music details for the new Fiat 500 Riva ‘The Smallest Yacht In The World’ YouTube and TV Advert.

Song Title: La Mer (Charles Trenet cover).
Download The Original Charles Trenet Version From: Amazon and iTunes.

Following on from the companies recent ‘Gives SUV New Meaning’ FIAT 500X advert, this new ad for the Fiat 500 Riva again stars American actor Adrien Brody.

Continuing along a similar theme to that of the previous commercial, Brody again believes he’s in a different form of transport to his Fiat car. This time the Academy Award-winner is under the impression he’s out sailing in a yacht.

Hence in this advert, the new Fiat 500 Riva is being billed as ‘The smallest yacht in the world’. Just don’t take to the water to test that claim.

The music playing in this ad is the song ‘La Mer’, which was originally written and recorded in 1946 by the French composer and singer Charles Trenet. The English version of La Mer begins with the lyrics ‘Somewhere, beyond the sea’.

We’re not currently aware of who’s singing the version we hear in the advert, but we’ll update this page with the relevant details if and when we get them.

The above ad for the new Fiat 500 Riva was uploaded to the Fiat UK YouTube page on the 1st of February, 2017.

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