Fiat 124 Spider – Eagle ‘Free Like A Bird’

Soundtrack and artist details for the new Fiat 124 Spider ‘More Fun Than Flying’ internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Free Like a Bird.
Artist/Rapper: Wyclef Jean.

The song being played in Fiat’s ad for their new 124 Spider is titled ‘Free Like a Bird’ and features Haitian rapper and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean. From what we can tell this exact version of the track hasn’t been released for download, but it’s actually based on an exiting song called ‘Shy Birds’ by French singer Larry Lynch.

You can download the soulful, slowed paced original version of Shy Birds from both iTunes and Amazon:

Though apparently not commercially released, you can also listen to a version of the tune remixed by DJ Chuck Wonderland in the YouTube video below. It doesn’t feature Wyclef’s rapping, but apart from that, it does sound very close to what we hear in the ad.

This ‘More Fun Than Flying – Freedom Since 1966’ Fiat advert was filmed in Italy, partially by the white-tailed eagle we see on screen. Presumably this was by the bird of prey wearing a particularly small camera.

Although this 30-second video was only uploaded to Fiat UK’s YouTube channel on the 16th of August, 2016, the commercial first appeared on the companies American page back in late April.

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