Ferrero Rocher Advert Song – ‘Shining, Waiting’

Ferrero Rocher Advert Music – Lyrics, singer and song details for the long-running ‘Make Your Moments Golden’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Starlight.

Artist/Singer: Jasmine Ash.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Despite having been around for a few years now, this ‘Make Your Moments Golden’ ad for Ferrero Rocher is still going strong and airing regularly in 2015.

If you’re wondering what the song used in the advert is called and who sings it, the track is ‘Starlight’ by the American singer-songwriter Jasmine Ash. As well as being available for individual download, you can also find Starlight on the artists 2012 album ‘Beneath the Noise’.

As was previously demonstrated by the classic, badly dubbed ‘Ambassador’s Party – You’re really spoiling us’ campaign, Ferrero Rocher aren’t the sort of brand who like to bring out a new ad every few months. Even though the above commercial first appeared around 2011, we’re still seeing plenty of it on British television, particularly in the build-up to Christmas.

The current ad shows lots of Ferrero Rocher’s flying through a forest and leaving a sparkling, golden trail behind them.

The lyrics from Starlight that you hear Jasmine Ash singing in the advert go something like this: ‘So you’re shining waiting, to put your arms around me. Oh, oh oh oh oh. Lu-ah-uh-ove, lu-ah-uh-ove, me more, more than ever.’

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