F&F Clothing – Christmas Jumpers on the Beach

F&F Advert Song, Christmas 2016 – Video and soundtrack info for the Tesco clothing lines Christmas jumper internet and TV ad.

Titled ‘That awkward moment when’, F&F Clothing’s new festive advert tells viewers ‘There’s a time and a place for Christmas jumpers. That time is now.’

To the shock and disbelief of the lifeguard and their fellow holidaymakers, the video shows a family and their dog strutting along a sunny beach, all dressed in their woolly Christmas jumpers.

Although this is a scene that would make some sense in the Southern Hemisphere, the idea is this family got into the Christmas spirit a little early, while still on their summer holiday.

Featuring the line ‘Jingle all the way’ from ‘Jingle Bells’, F&F have confirmed the song used in this commercial was created especially for the campaign and, as a result, will not be released as a full track for download.

Promoting the clothing brands 2016 range of Christmas jumpers, which are exclusively available to buy at Tesco, the above ad was posted to the official F&F Clothing YouTube channel on the 21st of November.

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