Family Guy & American Dad Advert – If It’s Alright

What’s the name of the song playing in the new ITV2 advert for Family Guy & American Dad? The lyrics go something like “If it’s alright”.

We so far haven’t been able to find a video of this American Dad & Family Guy ITV 2 trailer, but we believe the music you’re looking for is a tune called ‘All Night’ by American rapper and one half of the hip-hop duo Outkast, Big Boi. Here’s the tracks official music video for you to watch and check it’s the tune you’re looking for:

Song Name: All Night.
Singer/Rapper: Big Boi.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon UK.

All Night was released for download back in 2017 and is taken from the album ‘Boomiverse’. If this song sounds familiar to you, that’s possibly because it has previously been used in an Apple iPhone commercial.

25 July 2019

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