Experian Advert – Goths on a Train

Although ‘Goths on a Train’ may sound like some kind of Hollywood movie title, it’s actually the name I’ve given to this new Experian TV advert, for obvious reasons.

Starting out with a train full of goths, the adverts voice-over gradually whittles down this line-up of actors to a more and more specific group. Finally, we’re left with a goth from the Midlands, who no longer lives at home, has been on the electoral roll for five years, pays their credit card every month in full, missed a scary phone bill recently, has an Experian credit score of 874 and is called Joy, not Raven. Is this lady on her way from goth to boss?

This Experian advert tells us that “Other companies offer similar people similar stuff. At Experian we use your credit history to help find deals that are right for you and only you”.


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