2020 Estrella Damm Advert Music – Another Way of Living

This new 2020 English version of the brilliant ‘The Beer Of Barcelona’ Estrella Damm TV advert features a beautiful video and a song to match.

The ‘Act I. Soul’ commercial shows a woman dancing underwater, first with emotion and passion, and then in dramatic movements as she gets caught up in plastic before and sinks to the seabed.

At this point the video displays the message “If we love our way of living, shouldn’t we protect what makes it possible?”.

This message relates to the companies intention to fully replace plastic rings on its packaging with 100% biodegradable cardboard by early 2021, thus helping to protect the world’s oceans.

Song Title: Otra forma de vivir (English cover).
Original Artist: Joan Dausà featuring Maria Rodés, Santi Balmes.
Album: N/A.
Download or Preview the Spanish version at: Amazon UK.

This moving Estrella Damm advert music is an English cover of a song called ‘Otra forma de vivir’ that was originally recorded in Spanish for the beer brand by Joan Dausà, Maria Rodés, and Santi Balmes.

A full-length edit of the Spanish version can be downloaded, but we’re still currently trying to find out the name of the singer performing this ‘Another Way of Living’ English version and whether or not it too will be released as a full single. I personally hope it is.


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