Esso Advert Song – ‘Journeys That Matter’ Exxon Mobil Commercial

Esso Commercial Song 2016 – Music details for Exxon Mobil’s ‘Sophie’s Journeys That Matter’ Esso TV advert. #JourneysThatMatter

Song Title: Laurens Walking.

Artist/Musician: Angelo Badalamenti.

Available To Download In Full From: iTunes and Amazon.

Petrol brand Esso’s new TV ad campaign focuses on journeys that matter and, in particular, this one of Sophie’s.

According to the fuel companies description of their commercial, Sophie ‘was running late. . . by about 43 years.’ The film appears to show the lady travelling an epic distance in order to reunite herself with a past love.

After driving for what looks like thousands of miles in her old Mercedes, sleeping overnight on the back seat and experiencing a wide range of weather conditions (not sure why she didn’t just catch a plane), Sophie finally arrives at her destination, meeting a man she hadn’t seen for decades.

The song you hear playing in this 90-second advert is called ‘Laurens Walking’. A piece of music by the American composer Angelo Badalamenti, the song originally featured on the soundtrack to Walt Disney’s 1999 road drama film ‘The Straight Story’.

The above video was posted to Esso Europe’s official YouTube channel on the 28th of June, 2016 and has now begun broadcasting during UK TV ad breaks.

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