EDF Energy Advert Music – Show Zingy Your Bill

EDF Advert Music – Singer and song info for the energy companies new ‘Show Me Your Bill’ TV ad.

Song Title: I Feel Love.

Artist/Singer: Donna Summer.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

He’s been away from our screens for a while now but EDF Energy’s little mascot Zingy is finally back, and this time he wants to see your bills.

As always, Zingy’s ‘dancing’ away to an up-tempo tune, which on this occasion is the disco track ‘I Feel Love’.

Performed by the Grammy Award-winning American singer Donna Summer, the song was a UK number 1 hit single back in 1977.

In what looks like EDF’s version of the Daz doorstep challenge, this new advert shows Zingy and his associates asking to see a woman’s energy bill. After a very quick glance at the paperwork, Zingy is somehow able to calculate and communicate that the lady could save over £200 per year if she switched to EDF.

I’ll give Zingy the benefit of the doubt and assume this wasn’t a cold call, but between seemingly knocking on peoples doors unannounced and playing loud music in public, it’s amazing what you can get away with when you’re that small and cute.

This ad was posted to EDF Energy’s YouTube page on the 23rd of May, 2016.

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