eBay – That’s Christmas Sorted

eBay Advert – Soundtrack and band info to ‘The Ultimate ‘that’s Christmas sorted’ Shop – Sounds Much Better On Vinyl’ internet and TV ad.

With eBay perhaps not the first place you’d think of to do your Christmas shopping, the online auction site uses this new advert to point out that 80% of the products sold there are actually brand new.

Song Title: Lonely Boy.
Artist/Band: The Black Keys.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The split-screen advert shows what appears to be a father and son each beginning their day, with the pair using contrasting levels of technology for their alarm clock, morning shave, and method of opening the blinds.

For the most part it’s actually the dad using the more advanced tech, including when it comes to putting some tunes on. Whereas the father uses a modern wireless speaker to steam his music, the youngster opts instead for a traditional record player, insisting it “sounds much better on vinyl”.

The song each of them are listening to is called ‘Lonely Boy’, a great track from 2011 by American indie rock duo The Black Keys.

Featuring the lyrics ‘Oh, whoa oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting’, Lonely Boy is available to download as a single, or as part of the band’s seventh studio album ‘El Camino’.

The above 40-second version of this ad was uploaded to the official eBay UK YouTube channel on the 22nd of November, 2016.

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