EasyJet Holidays Advert – The Search is Over

Featuring an Italian song, EasyJet promotes their new Holidays brand in this ‘Hide & Seek’ TV advert that tells viewers ‘The Search is Over’.

The 60-second advert follows a young woman playing an epic game of hide and seek with her friends, one that takes place in hotels and holiday locations around Europe. Some of the locations featured include Portugal’s Algarve, the Icelandic mountains, and the city of Marrakech in Morocco.

Despite rushing from country to country, the actress frustratingly keeps just missing out on finding her friend until the end, where they’re finally united in a hotel room and quickly reappear back on the beach.

Song Title: Zucchero E Pepe.
Artists: Bruno Rosettani e Trio Aurora, Sestetto Azzurro Della Rai & Alberto Semprini.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This 2019 to 2020 EasyJet Holidays advert song is an Italian tune titled ‘Zucchero E Pepe’ that was recorded by the record producer and singer Bruno Rosettani and e Trio Aurora.

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