EasyJet – Why Not?

Music and band info for the budget airlines new ‘Why Not?’ internet and TV ad campaign. #WhyNot

Song Title: Lil’ Devil.
Singer/Band: The Cult.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

EasyJet’s creative and flowery new TV ad features a song form 1987 called ‘Lil’ Devil’. Performed by British rock band The Cult, this track is taken from the group’s third album ‘Electric’. Now, how to describe this latest easyJet advert? Well, it starts off in the usual kind of way – with a person made of flowers running past a plane, before a woman ‘water’ skis down its airstairs. But after that, it gets a little weird.

The woman bursts into an aircraft hanger, buys a drink from a fairground carousel florist and then falls off the roundabout. From there the hanger becomes an undercover beach where the lady relaxes as a giant beach ball rolls towards her, before she also becomes giant sized.

After that the aforementioned woman jumps up and down on an oversized retro computer keyboard, ice skates into a cup of orange juice and then drinks the orange juice. So just the same old advertising cliches then basically.

While some viewers may then be left wondering why? The advert instead ends with the question Why Not?

This 60-second video was added to the official easyJet YouTube page on the 15th of September, 2016 and should begin airing on TV this weekend.

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