DW Fitness First – We Are The Journey

DW Fitness First Advert 2018 – Video and music info for the new ‘We Are Running – We Are The Journey – Great Starts Here’ YouTube and TV ad.

Gym and health club chain DW Fitness First have just launched this new advertising campaign, which in this case showcases their running-based training and coaching facilities.

The soundtrack playing in this video features the lyrics “Now stepping into the light, ‘coz the feelings gonna start, feelings gonna start again.”

We’ve so far been unable to identify the name of this song or who’s singing it, which usually suggests it’s either a brand-new single that’s yet to be released for download, or the track was recorded especially for the advert and isn’t part of a full length song.

We’ll update this page with any new artist or download details if and when we get them. One thing’s for sure though, this does sound like a professional and catchy piece of music, which deserves a full release.

This 30-second ‘We are the journey. We are running’ video was posted to the official DW Fitness First YouTube channel on the 5th of April, 2018.

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