2021 Dulux Advert Music – Can You Feel It

Starring the famous Dulux dog, this new 2021 TV advert for Dulux Simply Refresh offers a new lease of life in a single lick of paint.

This 30-second Dulux ad shows the Old English Sheepdog having a roll around and even skateboarding while people transform rooms of their house with the one coat guarantee Simply Refresh paint.

Well done Dulux for sticking with a real dog and not going CGI, even when a little canine skateboarding is required.

After the dog enjoys a nice roll on the carpet and some hard-earned fuss, the advert concludes with the voice-over saying “New Dulux Simply Refresh. Refreshes walls in just one coat”.

What’s the music in the Dulux advert?

Song Title: Can You Feel It.
Artist: John Covert.

According to the London-based sync company that licenses the track, Pop-Up Music, this 2021 Dulux advert song is called ‘Can You Feel It’ and was recorded by John Covert.

We believe Covert, who is a musician and singer that established the band Crystal Image, released this track in either 1968 or 1969. So far we haven’t found the full song available for commercial download or streaming on Amazon or iTunes but it has just been posted by IIP-DDS to YouTube:

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