Dreams Beds – Music and Actress Details

Dreams Advert Song 2018 – Music, singer and actress details to Dreams Beds ‘Sleep Better With Dreams’ YouTube and TV ad.

Artist/Singer: Amber Leigh Irish.
Song Title: Dreams (The Cranberries cover).
Available To Download In Full From: Amazon and iTunes.

Dreams latest TV advert features a newly-recorded cover of the appropriately titled song ‘Dreams’, which was originally released back in 1992 by Irish rock band The Cranberries. Having been released for download in April of last years, this new version of Dreams was recorded by the Newcastle-based singer Amber Leigh Irish. As well as now being able to download the full-length version of Amber’s cover, you can also hear it below in Dreams special video, which includes behind the scenes footage of the filming of the advert.

Now serving as a reminder of how good music used to be, The Cranberries and lead singer Dolores O’Riordan released many other great songs, including ‘Linger’, ‘When Your Gone’, ‘I Can’t Be with You’ and of course ‘Zombie’, which includes one of my favourite ever outros.

Dreams Beds Advert Actress

If you’re wondering who the actress in this latest 2018 Dreams advert is, we believe her name is Rachel Gay. You may recognise Rachel from that unforgettable JUST EAT ‘I See You Baby, Chicken Madras’ TV advert a couple of years back.

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