Dove Advert Song – Your Hair, Your Way ‘Express Yourself’

Dove Advert Music 2017 – Song and artist details for Dove’s ‘Love Your Hair – Your Hair, Your Way’ internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Express Yourself.

Singers/Rappers: N.W.A./Charles Wright/Labrinth.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

This TV advert from Dove features women from a variety of backgrounds talking about how they’ve felt pressured during their lives for their hair to look a certain way, in order to fit in or give off the right impression.

Be it the colour or style of their hair, these ladies have chosen to reject stereotypes and conventions to instead look the way they want to.

The appropriately titled song choice for this commercial is ‘Express Yourself’, which was released by the American hip hop group N.W.A in March, 1989.

This track samples a song from 1970 by Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, also titled ‘Express Yourself’.

More recently in 2012, the English singer and rapper Labrinth released his own version of the song, with the instrumental and chorus sections in each version sounding very similar.

The above ‘Love Your Hair’ video was posted to the Dove US YouTube channel back in April, 2016, but is now airing on TV here in Britain.

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