Domino’s – The Official Food of Squads

Domino’s Pizza – Video, music and artist details to the pizza delivery companies new ‘The Official Food of Squads’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Bad Boy For Life.

Artists/Rappers: P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry.

Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

This comedic new advert from Domino’s proclaims their pizzas to be ‘The Official Food of Squads’ and shows a group of four youngsters walking though a park, trying hard, but ultimately failing to look cool.

Finishing with the slogan ‘Domino’s – The Official Food of Everything’, this advert is joined in the campaign by the companies new ‘The Official Food of Nights In With The Fam’ commercial (below). That ad uses the classical music Requiem Mass in D minor – Lacrimosa, by Mozart.

The song playing in this ‘Squads’ advert is ‘Bad Boy For Life’ by US rappers P. Diddy, Black Rob and Mark Curry.

The track was released as a single in 2001 and features on P. Diddy’s third studio album ‘The Saga Continues…’

Both of these 30-second videos were posted to the Domino’s Pizza UK YouTube channel on the 22nd of September, 2017.

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