Domino’s Pizza Advert – FOMO to JOMO

For any of you out there currently feeling the FOMO, which just in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know, means fear of missing out, this new Domino’s Pizza advert reveals you aren’t actually missing out on anything good anyway.

Whether it’s a dinner party, a play, first date, a music festival, a Hollywood movie, some questionable art, an uncomfortably cozy sauna, a boring silent disco, a house party with dodgy karaoke or a rock concert, it appears you’re good right where you are: at home enjoying a takeaway pizza delivered by Domino’s.

This latest Domino’s Pizza advert concludes with the voice-over telling us to “Say no to FOMO and try JOMO: the joy of missing out.” So in addition to already being promoted as ‘The Official Food of Everything’, it appears Domino’s is now also ‘The Official Food of JOMO’.


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