Debenhams Advert – Size – Music by Fleur East

Department store Debenhams gives viewers a peek at their new Autumn & Winter fashion collection in this latest ‘do a bit of Debenhams’ TV advert.

The retailer says “It’s time to meet the stars of the season” and encourage you to “Wake up your wardrobe with eye-catching dresses”.

Song Title: Size.
Singer: Fleur East.
Search For On: Amazon UK.

This current Debenhams advert song is a brand-new tune called ‘Size’ by English artist Fleur East. The singer-songwriter, rapper and fitness model, who’s appeared on such reality television series as The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity, recently revealed that it is indeed her providing the vocals to this AW19 Debenhams advert music track. However, at the time of writing this, we’re still waiting for the full-length single to be officially released for download.

The lyrics to ‘Size’ by Fleur East that we hear sung in the commercial are “Bet you wanna know. How I look so dope. They all want that. Boy, you’re just my. . . Just wanna see you double tapping on my photo. And yes anything less is a no-no. Not too loose, not too tight. Take you home, you’re just my size. Put you on, it feels so right. I’ll take it all. Boy, you’re just my”.

This isn’t the first time Fleur has provided the soundtrack to a companies TV ad campaign, after her cover of ‘Girl On Fire’ featured in a Virgin Media advert and her original track ‘Sax’ was used in a Christmas ad for Asda.


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