Daisy Love Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs introduces their new Daisy Love fragrance in this TV advert, which stars models Kaia Gerber, Faith Lynch and Aube Jolicoeur.

The guitar-based soundtrack to this commercial is the song ‘Teen Age Riot’, which was released in 1988 by the American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. This track features on the New York groups fifth full studio album ‘Daydream Nation’.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Advert Music
Song Title: Teen Age Riot.
Musicians: Sonic Youth.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Showing models Kaia, Aube and Faith frolicking in a beach sunset location, this 30-second advert video was posted to the Marc Jacobs YouTube channel on 2 April, 2018. There have now been multiple variations made of this commercial, starring the same three models, but each featuring a different song.

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